Needle question-short vs. long

I want to buy a set of interchangeable needles. I know there are a lot of questions about this but I haven’t found an answer on previous threads (can’t claim to have read them all). I really love the chiagoo red lace needles. Their interchangeable set has 5" needles.Will I be able to knit in the round (hats, mittens) with those needle?. Is there any disadvantage to knitting everything with short needles (for example, Addi and Knitters pride have sets like that.)
Thanks so much

Five inch needles are a standard size. You can get shorter needles but they can be a strain on your hands.
A long cable can be used with these needles for knitting small circular items using the magic loop method.
or you can use two circulars or double pointed needles.

You need 16" to knit in the round (measured tip to tip), but if choose that method you will need to switch to another method to finish the top of the hat. Choices would be 2 circular needles, DPN or needles with a long cable (my choice is 40") to magic loop. If you start with magic loop or 2 circular needles you won’t need to switch. My choice here is magic loop.

Also I prefer 5" needles.

Ok, looks like it is the chiaogoo red lace for me and I’ll double check cable lengths that comes with the set. Thank you!