Needle protectors

Quick question: am I ok to use needle protectors on double pointed metal needles while I knit (to basically turn them into single pointed needles)?

Want to invest in double pointed but don’t want to also have to buy single pointed ones!

It might just be me, but it seems like the double pointed needles would be awfully short for a lot of projects. What do you want to knit with them?

Just want to buy some needles (as I started working with some aluminium ones which have already broken!) and I realised that I feel more comfortable with shorter needles as the long ones give me shoulder pain… The ones I’m looking at at the moment are 20cm. Haven’t really knit much so far, I plan on knitting some scarves to practice…

I’ve actually only used double points for small projects that require knitting in the round (mittens, etc).

I never use straights anymore (well, technically dpns are straight,but you know what I mean), I use circulars for pretty much everything. I can get different length cables for different projects. Right now one thing I’m working on is a blanket and with the length and width circs just make it easier to handle. I also don’t have to worry about any stitches slipping over the stopper on the end of a straight needle.

I’m guessing you could use needle protectors as a stop on one end of the dpn - that’s what the general purpose is, to keep the stitches on the needle.

You just have to play with the needles and find out what works best for you. We’re all unique!!!:happydance: