Needle Preference

Hi All,

What is your needle of preference? I’ve seen wood, aluminum, plastic… I know circular for bigger things, but just wondering what you all like and why.

:woot: :woot: KP OPTIONS!!! :woot: :woot:
I use them for just about everything.

Nadja xxx

I tend to use bamboo.

However, after reading hundreds of good reviews… guess who’s getting KP options for Christmas. Whee!

I love the Options, too! :happydance:

Inox greys. They have an enamel finish that is slicker than bamboo but not as slippery as metal. They are also reasonably priced.

Addi Addi Addi Addi

So I guess I’ll love the KP Options…

I use Clover bamboo needles exclusively. Can’t stand the aluminum ones as they are too slippery for me, but other people do very well with them. You just need to try different ones and see what you llike.

it’s clover bamboo circulars for me too. i dont knit on straights at all anymore.

Two answers to that question: 1) it depends and 2) still in search of the perfect needles.
I knit w/ circular needles even when I’m not knitting in the round. I don’t like Clover bamboo mostly b/c the cord is way too stiff. I thought I loved the Crystal Palace bamboo b/c they are a very smooth surface, but I’m starting to decide I don’t like the connector b/c it’s not smooth enough and yarn gets caught slidding over it. For bamboo, I’m now leaning towards Addi Natura. I also like Addi Turbo’s for sticky wools, but it took me awhile to decide that I liked them, but I’ve only been seriously knitting for 1 year.

I luuuuuuuv aluminum, because I’m a tight knitter and my work slides easily–bamboo makes me insane, but for that reason only. And I only use circulars (or dpns, obviously). Those long straights are so unwieldly!! (sp?)

I knit with Lion Brand needles. They are plastic and are light weight. I tend to us my DPN’s more than anything. At the moment I am hooked on socks and hats. I have my eyes on the KP Options needles and SO totally hope santa brings me some .

[color=blueviolet]KP Options all the way!!![/color] :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: