Needle of Choice?

I picked up some bamboo 20" flex yesterday, 4mm (US 6). :slight_smile:

Whaddya all prefer

Circulars. I cannot knit with straights at all.

I love my knitpicks! :heart:

I’m wondering if the flex were a good choice.

Most of the time I prefer straights. I don’t hold the needles with my left hand, so with straights I can stick the end into my belt to hold it for me while I knit. I’ve never tried flex…

well flex are basically a combo of circs and straights. they are circs with the cord snipped.

Flex needles are fine and if i was knitting flat, needed some needles, and the choice was between straights and flex i would get flex. Circs are the way to go for me though… more versatile.

I’m a continental knitter. No help from a belt here.

Circular for me baby! Knitting with straights is too awkard for me and wastes space. I love plopping all the stitches on a circ and being able to knit with my elbows relaxed. I LOOOVEE my Options, and I still use my Addis too here and there.

It’s funny, when I first started I thought circs were awkward and avoided them. Eventually I changed my mind (Oh yeah–and bought some non crappy circs :teehee: That might have helped).

Flex needles feel just like circulars, but you’re restricted to only knitting flat. You can knit flat or in the round with circulars, and you don’t have the cumbersome straights pointing out.

All you need is a complete set of circulars for ALL your knitting needs. Circulars can even replace double pointed needles if you master the magic loop method.

I use circs even for flat knitting.

Really? Then maybe i should return them and get the circulars instead?? then why in dickens is it more $$

mostly circulars, but I also love dpns.
or are those straights?
I want the short stubby ones, even though they will probably only make my hands feel even fatter than the little ones.

I knit everything on Circulars. I gave away all my straights, and my dpn’s are sitting in a cup collecting dust.

you mean you can knit socks with circulars??


You can use the “two circulars” method or “magic loop.” And with both of these methods you can knit top-down or toe-up AND you can knit both socks at once. No SingleSockSyndrome! (And they match perfectly)

Yep. you can do them any of the ways that HamaLee mentioned, or you can even do one sock at a time on a 12" circ.

Yep. you can do them any of the ways that HamaLee mentioned, or you can even do one sock at a time on a 12" circ.[/quote]


hmm i guess i should get the shorter circulars in the smaller sizes :o

I find that a good interchangeable set covers most needs.

Same here; I highly recommend the Knitpicks Options and Classic Circs (haven’t tried the DPNs). I’ve also discovered that a longer circ can be much more versatile than a shorter one, if you are willing to master the Magic Loop technique.

Also, you can order a couple of tip sets and a cable set to try them out before committing to the entire set.

metal type needles sound scary :shock:

Could not agree more. In fact, you’ve covered everything I was too lazy to type earlier! :wink: