Needle Materiel

i used to like aluminum straights but since ive started to try cabling and also, since ive started to knit much looser, im trying to replace all my metals with bamboo. i love bamboo DPN’s as well. and i adore my addis for circular knitting.

I love bamboo for dpns… and love my Denise’s… if I could I would own all the addis LOL but I’m gonna get the options hopefully soon :happydance:

I like bamboo DPN’s too, but I haven’t tried the options set. Are they any good? I love my Boye NeedleMaster, and it is really all I need, when you take into account that I have a set of 4 pairs of Crystalites Needles. I don’t really like Addi Turbos, because of the horrible blunt tip. Can you give me the specs of the Options please?[/quote]

If you don’t like Addi’s because of the tip, I think you’ll really love the Options. From what I’ve heard, the Options tips are much pointier than the Addi’s.

The Options needles have a wonderful, amazingly flexible cable :heart: , and very smooth joins. I love, love, love mine! Oh, and you can’t beat the price!

I love my bamboo needles the most. :inlove: Having said that, I’m really itching to try out these “new” (well… new in NZ anyway) glass needles that I saw in the latest knit world catalogue. They look really cool, but I’m wondering if that’s all that’s cool about them (the look). I’m not willing to fork out a bunch of dosh to buy a set if I don’t know how good they are just yet. So maybe the lady behind the counter at the LYS here will let me give them a little test. LOL