Needle Materiel

What’s your preferred knitting needle materiel? I like metal. PM me if your favorite isn’t on here, and I’ll update.

Before I bought my Denise set I loved using wood and bamboo needles. Since I have my Denise set they are ALL I use when possible. I don’t like metal ones at all anymore. :XX: :XX:

i love the addi material the best but i love the pointiness of the Denises. I would definitely disagree about them being plastic though. When i first started knitting i bought some needles that were truly plastic and they were HORRIBLE. if they were all i would ever be able to find i would have never kept knitting. The Denises don’t feel anything like that plastic in any way at all! :thumbsup:

While I voted for metal I am also really starting to enjoy my vintage, plastic Boye’s circular set. The yarn moves smoothly on them, and the cables are very flexible.

I voted metal because I love my Addis, but I do like bamboo for dpns.

Nickle coated metal…hands down…my KnitPicks Options set to be exact :wink:

MrsH. would that be the Boye KnitMaster? I saw one on another site and I think Denise designed it for Boye.
I also like bamboo for DPN’s. The Boye’s I have really are too slippery.
Thanks for voting.

I prefer metal for most yarns/projects. sometimes I’ll use bamboo dpn’s, but I prefer metal there too.

I prfer metal, for the speed, but I’m also terribly fond of my Denise set.

metal for everyday, but bamboo for dpns

Im gonna agree with Bren. I cast a null vote because Denises do NOT compare to plastic. They are smooth and nice. They knit more like bamboo, but smoother. Not slippy-smooth like metal.

It all depends. I like metal (addis) when I use cotton or acrylic blends. The yarn slides better across the needle especially when you don’t have much stretch in the yarn. Just bought a Knitpicks Options in size 3, and they SCARE me! Tiniest little things. I almost feel like I’m knitting for a doll house. Hopefully I will get used to them with time.

But I like bamboo for wool projects!

KK, I didn’t mean that they compared to plastic. I tried them, and even though I did not like them, they are WAY better than plastic. Sorry for the confusion.

Without a doubt my metal Options, followed by my Addis…then my Denises…

Now I can’t stand the metal Boye’s…so before I tried Addi’s and KP Options I would have said denise’s

Like most, I have diff preferences for what I am knitting. I love my Denises for most things and esp slippery yarn, but I also like my Boye’s for yarns that are sticky feeling (ie WOTA) and love bamboo for sock and dpn.

I voted Bamboo, but I also :heart: my new Options set! I like bamboo for dpns.

I like bamboo DPN’s too, but I haven’t tried the options set. Are they any good? I love my Boye NeedleMaster, and it is really all I need, when you take into account that I have a set of 4 pairs of Crystalites Needles. I don’t really like Addi Turbos, because of the horrible blunt tip. Can you give me the specs of the Options please?

I didn’t mean they were LIKE plastic. Just that they were in the same family.

To quote my favorite animated cucumber… deep breath “Bamboobamboobamboo!”


To quote my favorite animated cucumber… deep breath “Bamboobamboobamboo!”