Needle Material Help!

I have recently gotten into knitting and have decided to invest in some quality needles. I have been doing from research and found the Knit Picks interchangeable circular needle sets. However, I am having a hard time deciding between the wood or nickel plated set. Is there an advantage from one material over another or is it all about preference?

Preference. Metal slides easily, you cuss it when it slides out and you drop stitches. Wood drags, you cuss it when it drags with a grippy yarn.

Now that you got me thinking about it my first circular was bamboo from Walmart. It had a nails on a chalkboard effect with me. I’m a fan of Knit Picks Options, love the metal, love the points of the DPNs and interchangeables (not so much the fixed circulars). And I do cuss them when I drop stitches, especially with the DPNs.

About all you can do is try to see what you like. You could get a often used cable and needle separately. I always have 5s on a washcloth so I ended up buying another set of 5s for my set. I have a bunch of spare cables, never have too many of those.

I have two sets. Knitpicks Options nickel plated and Kntter’s Pride Dreamz wood. It’s really personal preference. I suggest getting a sampler set to test the needles out the yarn use use most.