Needle lengths

I’m starting to look at some patterns online to see if there’s anything I can take a stab at, and a lot of the patterns I’m seeing (mostly for shawls and small blankets) tell you to cast on 80+ stitches. I’m looking at my needles, and I don’t know if they would fit a total of 80+ stitches. The patterns specify needle sizes, but they don’t specify different needle lengths. Is there such a thing? Wouldn’t you need longer needles for larger projects?

Most larger projects are done on circular needles, which can be used just like straight ones to knit flat things as well as in the round. The cords hold about 2-3 times the number of sts as the length of the needles

I did notice that some patterns specified using circular needles (if they had like 100+ stitches), but none of the 80 stitch patterns specified that, so I wasn’t sure if that amount of stitches should fit on straight needles with no problems.

They may fit on 14" needles if the yarn is thin, but it’s a lot easier to handle that many sts on a circular anyway. You don’t have to balance the growing length of the piece with your hands and wrists, the sts sit on the cord.