Needle length question

So sometime in my future I’m going to knit this shawl that starts out with 280 sts with sport weight yarn…I’ve never done something that big so I was wondering if 14" needles will be long enough to cast on 280 sts.

For that many stitches I would get a long circular needle…it will keep the heaviness of that many stitches once it gets going good from weighing down on your hands and arms.

thanks! Can you recommend a certain length of circulars?

I’d go with at least a 24" circ for that many stitches, maybe even a 36".

Thanks yall :heart:

I just started a project that required casting on 260 stitches. The 24in cable wasn’t quite long enough and got really crowded really fast. I had to switch to a longer cable. If you’re going to buy a circ for the project I would go longer rather than shorter or you’ll get frustrated with all the crowding. HTH! Good luck with your shawl!

30-32" would probably be a good size.

My mom knits afghans with 200+ CO. She uses 36" circs.