Needle holder pattern

I was wondering if anyone knows of maybe a website that would have a pattern to sew your own knitting needle holder. Like the kind that you can roll up? Thank you. -chris

Here are some:

There are knitted/felted ones too:

Google it and you can probably find some more.

Just want to throw this in -

I’ve purchased two needle cases. The first one I returned for various reasons, but one of the things I didn’t like was it had a tie on it that tended to get caught on things in my knitting bag.

I bought another one a few months ago and I love it! :inlove: It has a piece of fabric on the outside that folds over and snaps. Genius! It’s big enough to hold all my circular needles and it folds up small. So if you’re making your own consider a snap closure. :thumbsup:

BTW… NO VELCRO! It sticks to yarn in your bag. Ugh.

The quickest way to make one for DPNs or straights is to buy a placemat you like, fold it over to fit your needles, stitch pockets into it, and add a button and loop. Most people don’t carry 14" needles any more, but a regular-sized quilted or heavy woven placemat will do very well. If you’re afraid of the needles poking through, a Tyvek lining recycled from a mailing envelope will do very nicely (and a regular sewing machine can stitch right through it.)

BTW, if you have a lot of DPNs, a toothbrush holder makes a great case.