Needle Help: Switching From Interchangeable to Fixed Circulars

I’m working on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi shawl, using addi lace interchangeable size 4 on what I think is the 32" cable. I love working on it, but I’m having trouble with the tips coming off. It’s happened three times already.

I don’t know if I’m doing something to them when I knit or if I don’t have them connected correctly, but each time they come apart, I lose quite a lot of stitches. It takes me quite a while to recover. I’ve decided to add a lifeline (I know I should have done it before :blush:), but I would also like to avoid dropping stitches if I can help it.

I’m thinking about getting a fixed circular needle; I don’t know if 32" fixed is the same size as 32" interchangeable with lace tips? (Might not be important, for this.) Also, should I stick with Addi or should I try another brand? I’ve only used Addi, KnitPicks, and Clover Bamboo (fixed and interchangeable) circular needles.

So frustrating when that happens. At this point, unimaginative as it is, I usually go back and read the directions, then go on to customer help if needed.
I mainly use Addi fixed. That needle size is measured tip to tip.

I ended up getting a fixed Addi turbo and it is working great! I was afraid the tip would be too blunt, but my LYS didn’t have the lace tip fixed circular and I decided to go ahead and buy the one she had.

Thanks for your help! I was mainly just looking for some opinions rather than just blindly buying another Addi; my LYS carries KnitPro now too, although I’m personally very fond of Addi and wary of my old KnitPicks needles.