Needle Gauge Problem

I just ordered size 2’s and 3’s circular needles for toe up socks from Knit Picks. I got them mixed up. I tried to gauge them. The size 2’s will not fit the #2 hole so I can’t tell them apart. Does anyone know how to remedy this problem? :??

[COLOR=blue]Sorry, I forgot to add that both sizes fit the 3 hole and neither fit the 2 hole.[/COLOR]

I think it’s KPs that their sizes smaller than 2 are off a bit. Do the 3s fit the size 3 hole? If they do, you’ll be able to figure it out from there.

KP actually have two different size 1s and 2s. you probably have the 3.0 mm sized 2 (the 3s are 3.25)
i am gonna assume you are using the susan bates gauge ruler (the size 2 on it is 2.75 mm). i’d say do a gauge swatch with both needles, in the same yarn (don’t frog the 1st though) then measure. that little 1/4 mm will add up over a swatch, and it should be a little bit more obvious. thats what i would do anyhow. HTH:shifty:

It might be easier to make 20 wraps around each needle using the same yarn, then cut and measure the piece of yarn. The longest one would have been around the larger needle.

Gee! Why couldn’t I have thought of that. Sounds like it would work.