Needle Felting Question

I see that one needs a “foam board” for needle felting. I’m thinking this is just to have something to bear down on, so the needles don’t ruin what’s underneath. Is that right?

Is there a particular sort of board/mat that one needs, or can basically any old foam board work?

you need something to stop the needle–they are super sharp (and can go through cardbard) and brittle… (hard surfaces can break them

an old throw pillow (foam) is fine,

I use a hard (firm) foam that was used in packing…

clovers sells brushes…(which i guess work… but they look strange!)

i think foam board might be too thin, and too likely to shred. but you could try it…

I use a big car wash sponge, about 3" thick.

That’s what we (me and my DD) used, too.

I’ve been thinking of trying needle felting, so this is great information. Thanks!

I’ve cheated at needle felting…
i’ve bought felted ‘forms’ (bags, etc) and sheets of wool felt, and then cut out shapes from the sheets of felt, and made felted applicates (in effect)

and then embroidered and beaded…

my DIL makes her own felt, and then uses roving and needle felts (thread by thread)

each is valid, but mine felting is more like coloring book work, hers, fine art.