Needle extensions?

Hi, I’m pretty new to knitting but have no lack of ambition! I want to knit a blanket for my queen size bed but don’t have any idea how to manage several hundred stitches in a row. I am dreaming up ways to make do but wonder if there is some accessory or tool for this purpose?

Any suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome! Circular needles are probably the best tool for this many stitches. You don’t have to knit a tube when you use them, you can knit back and forth on circulars too. If you find that it’s still too many stitches for even the longest circular, you might work the blanket in two sections and seam later.

You can use a long circular, either 40, 47 or 60", though I think the 60" might be too long. You can fit 2-3 times the stitches on a circ so a 40" would be able to get at least 80" of stitches on it.

Thank you both. I hadn’t considered a circular needle for something flat. I used one to make a circular scarf recently and found it challenging to deal with the curl in the joiner piece. I hope the “spring” eases up a little with use.

Thanks for the fast replies!

By “the joiner piece” do you mean the cable between the tips? If it looks white in a fixed circular, it probably won’t get better on its own. You can dip it, not the needles or the place they’re attached, in hot water and let it hang and that will help but it will recoil no matter what you do. If you really do end up doing a queen size blanket all in one piece, you might want to consider looking at other needles. I think I’d do 3 sections and seam them to avoid a seam right down the middle.

Yep, most cords tend to curl up, but you can give them a hot water dip and hold straight while they cool. A couple times plus the weight of what you’re knitting will help take the curl out of them pretty well. Then don’t store them coiled up or you’ll have to do it every time you use them.

Yes, that’s what I was talking about. Good to know they can be dipped, thank you!