Needle Choice?

I have the opportunity to get an unopened Needlemaster from ebay for about $10:yay: , and I was wondering whether I should do it or not. I’ve read pretty much every post relating to the subject, but no one has posted whether to get it at such a great deal. I have a set of Boye straights right now that I love, but seem to keep bending as I use bulky yarn size 13 to make a sweater. Is that common with needles or just my pair. I hope this makes some sense! Thanks!

I’ve never heard of needlemaster - but for $10 - I can’t imagine that you would be getting a bad deal.

I found a set on Joann for $70 -

so $10 sounds like a steal.

Everyone has a needle that they like over others… I’ve used plastic, aluminum, birch, and bamboo… I really like my bamboo needles, but in a pinch, I use my aluminum.

That is a good deal! I don’t like Boye circulars, but for that price you really can’t go wrong. Use them for awhile and if you decide you don’t like them then you aren’t out much.

Yep, they’re not my favorite, but for that price I’d get them too!

I’d save the $10.00 to go towards Knit Picks Options. I don’t have the Options but I really like the Knit Picks needles. I mostly have Addi Turbos.

I have the Needlemaster and haven’t used them since bought my first Addi.

I’d also save my pennies for the KP Options… the needlemaster set isn’t the greatest (IMHO). I mean, it’s not horrible. But honestly, if you buy it and hate the needles, then you’ve actually wasted $10. KP are a great, low-cost on. They are very flexible and smooth. :slight_smile: But on the other hand, that is a good deal. You may want to go to JoAnn’s and have a peek before bidding.