Needle changes

I have been reading “easy” patterns. They say to change to larger or smaller needles, but how do you do that? I’m pretty new also and REALLY want to get the hang of this. I LOVE to learn on my own, but the directions just don’t tell me how to change needles.
Thanks for the help! :muah:

To change needles you just start knitting with the new size. Nothing difficult involved. :thumbsup:

You might need to change needle size to get the gauge for the pattern. If you have too many sts over 4" then use the next size larger needle; if you don’t have enough, use the next size smaller. If you’re just to change to another needle size within the pattern, then just start knitting with it where the pattern indicates.

When you get to the end of a row, lay down the empty needle (or drop the empty end if you’re on circulars) and pick up the new size in its place. Knit the next row onto that one, and when you turn, lay down the other old-sized needle, pick up the new size, and go on your way.