Needle case

all u sewers has anyone made a needle case?

I have…I made up a pattern and sewed several little pockets for my needles. Sewing is not one of my best crafts …but the case turned out pretty good…I’ll try to post a pic of it tonight. :smiley:

I have…I made the one from SNB…it’s here.

It’s not bad…I modified a little, but the pattern is really easy, and you really only need 1/2 the material that the pattern calls for. I have a whole lotta fabric left over from this project.


I am working on it. I don’t use Single point needles at all anymore. So i am working on designing and making a case to hold my dpn and addi turbos. I have a bunch of quilting quarters in my fabric stash so it won’t cost me anything. I just need to dig my sewing maching out and do it.

ok i was jusr wondering because i won like 12 sets of 5 bamboo dpns on ebay and i need to put them somewhere. i also have a lot of cirs that i need a place for cause the basket they are in look junky… just wondering if anyone has made one. i have a nice fabric stash so i’ll have to do some digging!! thanks

Here are some pics of my needle case…

thats cute… ok i need about 12 pockects to fit 8in dpn 5 each! :smiley: just kiddin’! :wink:

GMS, that is also cute. i forgot to check out the link. i really like those fabrics… i don’t have anything like that!!! i want something satiny on the inside… :thinking: o… i’m coming to get baby Nia… if she was that cute as a newbie shes got to b gawgous now. she and Krickett can b friends!

I have I finally found a use for the boyds material :lol: I layed out my fabric then brought the bottom up to where I thought it should be I used one of my longest needles for reference and I pinned it… Then I brought the top part over my needles and kinda just played with the bottom and top till the top would over lap the bottom… Then i took my boyds material and bee material with right sides facing just sewed around it leaving enough room to pull the rightside out… clipped my corners and turned it around… whip stitched the hole I used to turn it… then re pinned my bottom and sewed it down… made pockets for my needles… took 2 strips of my fabric sewed it together… turned it around… sewed it onto the case added a button… so now when I un-wrap them my tie doesn’t fall off… I also like the look of the two contrasting fabrics… I basically only sew pillows LOL so I didn’t have trouble with that part but making the lines for the needles was interesting its not very straight but oh well it serves its purpose :lol:

Carmell…well, you can’t have the little monkey, but we’d gladly take little Krickett - even with her too-close eyes… ;0 She’s a cutie pie - I could just nibble on those chubby thighs of hers!

Making a case is easy-peasy…mine is pretty basic, tho. While Yellow’s is gorgeous (I :heart: the fabric!), I do like having the flap on top to fold over the needles to keep them from slipping out.


The needle case pattern was inside the SNB book? Just checking, I really really need one of those.

Yup, it’s on pg 234.

I have made several of them, I have many pockets for dpns and not so many pockets for circulars.

It looks something like this flat on the table…

and when I roll it togehter:

wow! its quilted to! so detailed. did you put a border on there too? wow NICE!!!

It is quite plain, really, took me a evening or so.
I have a nice link, somewhere… I will find it for you!

:thumbsup: thanks!

I really like these cases. Sure looks like it beats digging in a basket and praying the cats didnt bite into them.

tell me about it!!! :rollseyes:

Here is the one I made

also a variation of the stitch n bitch one, but wouldnt be hard to figure out on your own.

oh my kool , that is bad. Mine are usually put back in their plastic sleeves they came in but thrown in a basket, you need a needlecase too.

For your circs, I highly recommend a Circular Solution. I’m sure you sewers could whip one out in a heartbeat. Just use something heavy so it doesn’t sag. It keeps the needles organized and straight. I keep a size measuring thingy on the hanger to put them away easily.