Needing some help with color choices

well it looks like I’ve been talked into making another afghan for a Xmas present, but need some ideas for the type of yarn and colors. Found out that the person’s favorite colors are greens and creams, Would like a yarn that machine washable, preferably, and prices fairly reasonable ($5 or less) Would appreciate any suggestions.

have you gone searching for something at

I would go CHUNKY…maybe Homespun? Or some big fat chenille?

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Check out Plymouth Encore. Machine washable and dryable, lots of colors, inexpensive. I use it for everything that I need to be able to throw in the washer and dryer.

How about forest and natural HERE for $1.00/skein or “greenland” for $2.50 or homespun for $2.99, lots of different greens.

All wonderful suggestions, now I just have to make a decision hehe :wink: