Needing help

:doh: HI in need of help am on the sleeves of a lace work sweater and am having problems figuring out how do do thid row.

*P2(P1,K1)into double yfwd.rep from *to last 2 sts P2. is the first part of that I am havibg problems with in need of help please trying to get the sweater done by Nov 4 for a fundraiser.[color=darkblue][/color] :XX:

I’m assuming that you had a double yo in the previous row?

P2, p into the first yo, k into the second yo Do this all the way across until you get to the final 2 stitches, then p2

the first row before that is as follows

*K2 (yfwd)twice.repeat from * to last 2sts.k2.

that I have figured out is the next row has stumped me next 2 rows after that can understand it makes open rib pattern.

I’m not quite sure if you’re saying you still don’t understand or if you do.

On the first row, you k2, put the yarn over the needle, then back under the needle and over again. When you work the back, you’ll purl the two knit stitches, and purl into the first yarn over and knit into the second yarn over, then continue in that manner.

:smiley: thank you so much for the much needed help am now well on my way to finishing up my sweater .Is great to know when you get stumped is someone out there that can help.Bless you and thank you again. :XX: