Needing help with Pattern

Okay I am making (trying)

It is from the top down for toddlers book ( I :heart: This book)

but I am having problems with it

okay this is what the pattern reads…

I cast on 96 st. with a size 8 now I am changing the size by working it on a 7. so this is where I am stuck

it says Marker Round * place marker ( k1 p1) 17 times,k1, place marker, ( k1 p1) 6 times,k1; repeat from * once more.

so this is another place I am confused :thinking: cause if I do this it doen’t work OR well I know I must be doing this worng cause I have a lot of st left over. so I am hoping that some one can explain this to me a little better…
Thank you Jenifer

When it says (k1,p1) 17 times, are you making 34 stitches out of it? You need to knit the pair 17 times. If you do that, and knit the next pair 6 times, you get this:

34 + 1 + 12 + 1 = 48 x 2 = 96

:happydance: Thank you soooo Much I was adding them WAY wrong THANK THANK THANK YOU !!! :cheering: :cheering: