Needing help please

Hi, Im new to forums so please bear with me…I am knitting a pattern which is really beginning to confuse me … P2, yfwd, sl1, K1, psso…I know how to do a yfwd between 2 knit stitches but I do not know how to do it properly after a purl stitch and before a slip stitch…I am hoping someone can please help me with this…:slight_smile:

To do a YO for purl you bring through the front like a regular YO then wrap it over the right needle and back through the needles. Then just slip the next stitch. No special moves there.

thank you for your response Anne, so are you saying a YO is the same as a yfwd ? as I am new to YO … when I learned to knit as a young girl did not know YO sorry