Needing help finding a yarn brand

Has anyone EVER seen this type of pattern in a yarn skein? if so what brand was it? It is a 2 ply yarn and may be discontinued. I have just learned to knit and I would like to use it. Here is a link to a picture of the yarn as I can’t make it small enough to fit the sites size constraints.

The yarn was my grandmothers and my mother gave it to me today. I have 6 skeins of this yarn pattern, 2 skeins of the solid pink, 2 skeins of the solid blue, and 6 skins of white. I think she intended it for a single project as it was all packed together. Sadly she took all the wraps off and they were nowhere to be found.

I also got about 12 circ needle sets in various sizes, various size straight needles, a bunch of double ended needles in various sizes. A gauge finder, row counter, old patterns out the wazoo, and a very special pattern book. Its a pattern book from Royal Society with a copyright date of 1916. Its full of the collar patterns her mother did so much of back in Austria.
Thanks For Any help you may be able to give.

Well concidering you have a bunch of DPN’s maybe it’s sock yarn. That looks like a kind of yarn that you’d get at michaels if you ask me like this Maybe this’ll help:)

I don’t think thats the brand I am looking for. I went to their website and didn’t find anything similar. I also went to the yarn brands website, nothing there either. Thanks for trying

The color looks like bernat softee, don’t know what weight it would be. Maybe baby yarn, or worsted, which I don’t know if they make anymore, or at least that color.

Thank you suzeeq. The skein does look like the Bernat brand. I am going to contact the Bernat company to see if they ever made this yarn and ask if they can tell me anything about it. I just need to know the weight and yardage so I can figure out what I can make with it. Since I am positive it has been discontinued, I want to make sure I have enough BEFORE I start. IF anyone else has any ideas on what it could be please let me know. I am anxious to start using it.

No idea…but is it as soft as it looks? It’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. :knitting:

I think it looks like something to wrap around yourself (or someone else you love) up in; maybe in front of a nice fire and a good book or movie. cloud9

Since I’m impatient when I want to start something, I don’t think I could wait to find out what it was. I’d have to just knit up a small piece and play with it to see how it does, then wash it and hope for the best…Crossed Fingers

I agree, just use some needles you think might work with it and knit up a sample. If those are too big and the gauge is loose, go down a size or two. Once you figure out what needles work with it, you can estimate yardage by comparing with other acrylic yarns that use the same needles. It may be the discontinued worsted (yes the did make one, I saw it a few years ago) or the baby yarn in the Country ombres color.

suzeeq, It really does look like the correct colors, but this yarn is not “chunky” in any way. It is super soft and very light weight. Its almost like a mix between baby and worsted yarns. I am not even sure of the composition. I think I will take the advice given and just make something. I will learn some new skills with this yarn. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. There are 16 skeins in all but I don’t think I have to make it all up together. maybe I could make some socks. Now that’s something I have NEVER made.

Yes, as I mentioned, they used to make a softee worsted which has been discontinued, and they might have made a sportweight too, or had that color in the baby yarn. Hard to say, I can’t even google up anything on the worsted.

My first impression was that it looks like Bernat Beretta, but that’s a worsted weight. I’m not sure if they made a Beretta sport? The worsted used to be very soft and great for afghans.

You mean Bernat Berella I think. Yeah, this may be thinner than worsted, it’s hard to tell.

This yarn is very soft and thin. Its only 2 ply. Do you know if either of those were available as 2 ply?

2ply doesn’t really have much to do with weight in the US, a thick heavy yarn may have only 1 ply, and a thin one might have 4. It’s possible they made a sport weight or baby yarn in that color once.

Thanks for helping me to understand the complexities of yarn. I have only be learning to knit for 2 weeks and see that I have a long way to go. To think I thought yarn was yarn, boy was I wrong. All yarns are not created equal.

Just to confuse you further… in NZ and Ausland, they do refer to yarn weights in plies. See this article for explanations -

suzeeq, what a great site. It is confusing trying to figure out which yarn is what but this will definitely help. Off to find out what my yarn is.