Needed--Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist Moody Blue

I started a project and am sort one skien of Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist in Moody Blue to finish it. :wall: I am hoping that someone out there has some I could purchase. Otherwise I will have to rip out my sweater, start over and make it shorter.

Thank you


I just joined and read your message about the Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist yarn. I believe I have two partial skeins. They don’t have the wrapper anymore, but I know that they are Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist in shades of dusty blues. Do you still need them?

I ran across your post while searching the web to find some of the Mosaic Twist “Black Cherry” for sale. I have a sweater for my 4-year-old daughter about 80% finished and am about 1.5 skeins short! (This is the first time I’ve attempted anything other than a hat or scarf and had no idea how much it would take. I’m not using a pattern.)

If you have any of the “Black Cherry” color combo that you’d be willing to sell or trade, I’m desperately searching! Please let me know. I also have some partial skeins of the “Tangy Clay” and “Rum Raisin” color combinations.

Thanks for your help!