Need Your Opinion on This WIP Please - UPDATED PHOTO - Still Need Advice

Hey Auburn,
I think your work is beautiful as is but I swear that yarn in the pic isn’t lace weight unless it is quadrupled! Let us know how it turns out!

Also the patterns I used the big needles on weren’t really lacy lacy ones, not quite as open as this one.

What I’ve done is cast on again on size 2 dpns, since I discovered that I don’t have size 2 options interchngeables. I did not want to mess with the pattern, and I thought that maybe going down two sizes would tighten up the stitches.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Cristy, thanks for the nice compliment. :muah:

np. Don’tcha hate that…when are they going to start making options below a size 4??? :tap::hair:

No 3s huh? Let us know how it goes…

that’s what I said, I knew I wasn’t seein stuff when the flickr pic yarn looked thicker than the lace weight auburn was using. Hmmm, could be that one manufacturers lace weight is another manufacturers sport or even dk. I guess that’s why every one is always hollerin, "gauge, gauge, gauge…:thumbsup: :knitting:
Personally, auburn I like the laciness of a finer yarn knitted in a bigger gauge for lace anyway. Makes is sooo wispy n light n airy!!! More delicate!! Personally, I like yours better anyway is more lacy!!!

True, some laceweights can be thicker or thinner than others, and the same holds true for other labels - DK, worsted. You just have to figure out what you have and how best to use it in a pattern.

yep yep yep. I know this all too well…:frowning: It always amazes me to look through the drawers of my yarn cart at the different “weights” that are supposed to be the same!

You must have some really thin laceweight; I worked up the pattern in some scrap knitpicks lace yarn on size 9s. Didn’t look quite as loose as yours. Or maybe you knit much more loosely than I do, though I’m not a tight knitter. Did you use the size 4 needles too?

You know…I’ve always been a tight knitter. Then I switched to Continental, and my knitting loosened up quite a bit. I’m finding that I can get gauge on the needles recommended in the pattern.

So, I used size 4, like the pattern suggests.

I haven’t had much time to work on it since recasting it on the size 2, though.

I have a feeling that this yarn is just not ideal for the pattern. If not, I’ll just have to find something else to make with it. It’s such beautiful yarn…

Ok…wise knitters…here’s the latest photo. I cast on again, using size 2 dpns. I finished two repeats, as before, but I’m still not sure if it’s turning out right.

I’ve got a good mind to give up on this pattern…save it for when I have the proper yarn.

So, two questions remain…

  1. Should I totally frog…size 2 needles and a scarf? Will take forever! Plus, yarn seems too light for the project.

  2. Do you have any suggestions for a pattern for this gorgeous yarn?

Oh, here’s the picture:

It’s going to be beautiful! Lace needs blocking to look it’s best so you could block the little bit you have to see how it looks then.

I think it looks pretty. before you give up try blocking what you have to see if the yarn blooms. it may bloom up nicely and you won’t have to frog

Ok. You’re suggesting that I block it to see how it looks that way? How should I do this. It barely fits on the dpns.

Thanks, y’all. I feel like such a newbie! :muah:

I think it is beautiful… do not give up on it - you will love it when it is done.

I don’t think you can block it till you are done with it… but have a little faith… it will be awesome!

I think this will be lovely! I do like it more on the smaller needles and think it will block very nicely. Don’t give up on it!!

You know…y’all are just the best. I’ll probably just keep at it. I can’t seem to find another pattern to use with the yarn…unless I made another branching out…which calls for equally light yarn. But, after making two of those, I’m kind of branched-out, so-to-speak.

The yo’s are much smaller than before, so the leaf appearance is more defined, when you look at it properly. It was kind of hard to get the picture to show that.

Thanks again! :muah:

just out of curiosity, what brand of yarn are you using?
You said you have 800 or so yards?
and how much does that skein weigh?
I looked up the Malabrigo, and it comes in a 50g skein of 470 yds.

I do like what you are doing on the tiny needles, but you are right, it may take you awhile! (LOL)

I think it’s beautiful but if you want it to look just like the original, you would probably need to use malabrigo lace.

It’s Verde Manzana lc from It’s 100% wool, with 850 yards per skein (I have one skein).