Need Your Opinion on This WIP Please - UPDATED PHOTO - Still Need Advice

I need some advice.

I just cast on for [B]this[/B] pattern, but I don’t think that my project is looking much like the pattern’s photo.

Here’s a photo of what I’ve done so far…two repeats.

I’m confident that I’ve done the pattern correctly, and I’m using laceweight yarn, but it almost seems too…“airy?” for the pattern.

Please advise. I don’t want to continue if it’s not going to turn out right.

Lace is supposed to be loose and airy, and doesn’t show the pattern well until it’s blocked which will also even out the stitches… You could experiment and go down a needle size and see if it looks better to you.

I am famous for casting on and not liking things and ripping them out. In fact my husband sees me do this so much that he laughs at me everytime I start a new project. So I resolved to make myself knit at least 6-10 inches before I frog. I feel like that gives the pattern a chance to show-up - your work so far looks lovelyb and the color is wonderful. Maybe you need to get further along so that it pulls in and tightens up a little - kind of like with ribbing and cables.?

The picture actually looks as though the yarn is a bit heavier than what you are using. The pattern looks the same, but the weight of the yarn will change it slightly.

I think it looks quite a bit like the smaller WIP photo they have posted. It will be beautiful!

You know…I was thinking the same thing. It does look thicker, although the picture supposedly used Mmmmm, lace weight.

I’m concerned that when blocking, it’s going to stretch even more, causing stitches to lose their definition.

I do appreciate all of the warm responses though. Y’all are truly the best! :muah:

Ok. So here’s another thought. What if I doubled the yarn? Would that make a difference? How would I go about doing that? pull from both ends?

If you have only the one skein, you’d knit with both ends. But you need larger needles and more yarn. If you have 2 or more skeins, knit 1 strand from each.

Can you try blocking the bit you’ve done so far, to see what happens? Then if you still don’t like it, you can frog it…

Yup, you can double the yarn by pulling from both ends. Just make sure you’ll have enough yarn.

Hmmm…i have 850 yards of yarn. pattern calls for 470. would be close, eh?

I’m a fairly loose knitter, and no way would lace weight on size 4s by me look anything like the pattern link. I would have to go down needle sizes.

Ok. I’ll try size 3’s. We’ll see how it goes. Thank you!

Will going down to 3’s be enough? Or should I use 2’s? Will it make enough of a difference?

for some reason her yarn looks a little bit thicker than yours???
That could be the prob right there. Definitely go down a size in needle and see if that helps ya at all.

Maybe not. In using larger needles you may want to cut down on the number of sts to cast on. The pattern is in multiples of 18 plus 2 sts, so you can see what gauge you get on the larger ones with the yarn doubled and adjust.


What do you suggest…go down in needles or double up? I’m not sure how to improvise the pattern…

You can go either way. It may be that you’re a looser knitter, so going down a size would work out. If you double the yarn, you could try it on a size 8 or 9 and CO 38 sts for only 2 pattern repeats instead of 3. Try both and see which you like better.

So you would go up to an 8 from a 4 if the yarn is doubled?

It’s a thought, maybe only 7s. I’ve knit tripled laceweight on size 10.5s, and one strand of lace with a strand of fingering on 7mm and they came out nice. But with this pattern you’ll just have to experiment.

Ok. Thought you had a crystal ball there…I’m not very patient.

Thank you so much for the suggestions!