Need your Input... Define a new section of this site

Okay, time for some additions to this site!.. I’m working on a Store section for selling my upcoming patterns and DVD, etc. But before that happens, the Free Patterns section is going to become a broader and more exciting section, with a new name.
This new section will include:

Navigation to solo sections of this site, including my favorite free patterns, my favorite books, the About Me page, and future pages.

Prominent Highlights of what’s happening in our awesome community! This could take over most of the page, and it would be fine with me!

[ul]The most exciting community feature is that I want to make the KH Chatroom an official part of this site! There will be a prominent entrance to the Chatroom on this page.

I’d also like to feature exciting forum activity, like Hildie’s new Monthly Knitting Challenge, which I think is a great concept. I’ll have a link to it, at least. You all can email me any time if you think there’s a thread that would make a good feature on this page. Or if you have any ideas on how to promote and highlight the life of the forum.

Is there anything else that I might consider featuring? Do you have any other ideas for enhancing the community here? [/ul]

An official KnittingHelp monthly project! A Knit-Along, based on my own for-sale pattern every month.

Featured Links; links to some other crafty sites I like…

Any more ideas? Maybe there’s some simple content or functionality that I could put up that would be exciting or useful to folks? Any new labor-intensive branches would have to be headed up by other people; if you have any ideas and you’re interested in heading something up, let me know!

And then…what the heck do I call this new tab-navigated section? …Maybe something like “KH Central”?


Right now, the only things I can think of are:

  1. Since you’ve had copyright issues with the pictures, maybe organize the Free Patterns Section like THIS. I LOVE that site (although not nearly as much as!), and it’s SO easy to find exactly what Im looking for.

  2. Maybe a monthly DESIGN contest with the winners’ design(s) going into the free patterns section, and they win a prize of some sort (Cafe Press swag?)…a way to beef up the free patterns section, anyway.

  3. I would LOVE to help if I can, Amy! In a community I belonged to before, each of us “signed up” for a section of the message board to monitor. That included watching for inappropriate postings, greeting new members, making sure questions got answered (even if we couldn’t answer them ourselves, all the “old timers” knew each other & would PM the person that we KNEW could answer the question & prompt them in the right direction) If you create a “Newbies” forum, that would probably be the place I could be of most help…or, Im open to your suggestions, of course.

Ill keep thinking!

I like what you’ve done with the home page. The link embedded in the text is simple and straightforward. Maybe too many tabs is, well, too many tabs. We end up directing people to the other content as it is. I can pitch in, too.

Amy, if you are addng videos, would you consider doing one for knitting/purling several times into one st?

(Gosh…I hate to ask you for ANYTHING considering how generous you already ARE! :oops: )

I personally would like a section on yarn…what types are really good for felting, scarves, etc. Never anything negative in the thread just…things like, I found this encredible yarn and it worked up well and feels great ----that sort of thing…especially for those of use out here in yarn shop barren places that have to order on line…

Thanks, by the way, your site is incredible…

Is it possible, too, to maybe add another “search” area on that page? Like What are you looking for? Type it here: ----- " and then the results will show forum posts with those key words; thatway people could findd the answer they need without having to post a question thaat’s already been posted a few times, and without having to wait for an answer.

What if you had links to some KH member’s personal sites or blogs?

and, not to copy off something that’s already done,… “the knitty gritty of

I would really like a section on yarn too. Even if its just a simple list of brands or types of yarn and what they are good for and what they are horrible for. If I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to add more later.

Maybe on the “links” page…links to the major (or minor) yarn companies’ websites?

Or possibly contact some of them about paying you to advertise on your site?

Yeah!! Good one!!

Oh, one more thing…about the chat…

Were you going to actually create a chat room on here so no one has to go to yahoo? Everyone knows yahoo is a pain the a@@ and I think it’d be neat to have it on here.

Or possibly contact some of them about paying you to advertise on your site?[/quote]
Amy, this is (one of the reasons) why I mentioned the importance of Logs.