Need Your Help

[B]Hi All,

May your knitting be smooth !!

I am making a vest for my daughter, it is a “dropped” stitch affair. Entire vest is in ss … and when it is time to “drop” the stitches, creating a ladder effect, it drops all the way to the bottom (where the natural “roll” is).

What I want is to NOT drop stitches into the natural “roll”; I like the look of the ss roll.

I am stuck, as I am not sure how to stop the “drops” @ the natural roll. I thought about running a machine stitch just before the roll starts.

AHG I am so confused!!!:wall::wall::wall:

I need to finish this as I am going nuts !!!

Thank you thank you in advance for your ideas!!


I think it will still roll, even with the dropped sts. Try it out on a sample… CO about 30 sts, knit several inches so you get a roll and some straight inches, then drop the stitches at the same interval as in the pattern. The only thing that would stretch out the roll is if the pattern is snug at the bottom, so you may need to make it a bit wider.

In the techniques videos here, there’s a section on re-inserting your needle into a destination row before unraveling your work. Maybe you could pick a row just above the roll and insert your needles, then just attach some yarn and do a bind-off row so the stitches won’t be dropped past that point. Or if you know how to crochet, you could do a crochet chain on that row, which would be a lot easier and quicker. If you did it on the wrong side, it may not even be noticeable (you’d have to do a few test swatches, I guess) Good luck!

What a great idea Roseybee !!! Thank you so much! I will test this & let you know how it works!!!

Thanks again!!!