Need yarn suggestion for this afghan

I would like to make this for my son and dil for their anniversary but would like a soft, non-itchy yarn that they can wash in the gentle cycle. It is

I wish I were computer literate like the rest of you where you just say “this” pattern in blue and it automatically directs the clicker to the page.

Anybody have an idea for a nice yarn for the afghan? Thanks and happy holidays.

Ooops. Sorry, but the correct website for the afghan is

Here is the corrected link for the pattern.

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn which gives you lots of options to choose from. If you want something that is washable and not to expensive then Plymouth Encoreis a great yarn.

Woolease from Lion brand or Caron Simply soft would be lovely options also.

A lot of it depends on the price range you are looking for! Good Luck!

I second the Caron Simply Soft - it comes in loads of colors, is inexpensive, and is nice and soft to work with (unlike that icky Red Heart SuperSaver!).