Need Yarn Suggestion for Project

I am pregnant and due at the end of April and was thinking of making myself some leg warmers to wear while at the hospital. I didn’t want to spend a lot in case they got messed up and honestly, my hubby would kill me if he knew I went out and spent more on yarn when I have a ton (but it’s for other projects!).

I was going to knit the super-easy leg warmers in the LMKG book and it calls for Cascade 220 and a Mohair (Madil Kid Seta). I would think the cascade would be a little itchy and the mohair is too expensive. I’m not sure what I could use as a replacement though - I’m so bad at that.

Any thoughts on what I could use instead that would be comfy and soft, but cheap? I don’t really care if it’s real or synthetic.

Thanks for any help!

<giggle> I’d use Encore by Plymouth, its a wool/acrylic mix, everyday use. And a good price. From my experience as a doula, and as a mom of four, I would definately use Encore for a birth! Wash them before the birth and it’ll be a little softer.
Ingrid recommended it years ago and its all I make my girls everyday knitted things from.
Warning for those with a weak stomach, turn back now. : )
After our home births we only had a tiny bit of red stuff and we washed that towel with peroxide and it came out fine. You just pour it right on the spot and it disappears. So if your just in love with them I would use a swatch and test it with some peroxide. : )
Happy Birthing! And Knitting!

Thank you very much! I think have used that stuff before too and liked it. :thumbsup:

I also like “Pound of Love” by Lion Brand. It’s a pound of yarn for about $6, it’s soft and I like the colors.

Caron Simply Soft is acrylic so it’s machine washable and dryable. It’s very soft and comes in some pretty colors.