Need Yarn Substitute

I repeatedly get request for knitted dish clothes, face clothes, etcetera. They are also great take along small projects. My problem is I really dislike knitting with 100% cotton since there is no stretch/springiness to it. Any suggestion on what makes good clothes other than 100% cotton?

I don’t know of a solution. Cotton isn’t very springy to work with but it is absorbent and works well for dishcloths. I looked online and did find this video which compares several cottons. It looks like the softest makes the worst dishcloth.

Thank you so much for your in put. I’ll check out the video and see if has more info than I have come up with. I do try to search for things before I ask, unfortunately I have never been good at knowing how to do searches that get the results others do. So thank you for that.

I agree the softer cotton is not good for dishcloths. This is something my Mom and I have talked about. I don’t even like them for facecloths. Some of my family that comes to our weekly Crafters’ Circle like using RHSS for dishcloths. They are just a slimmy mess for dishes. eew yuck!

Thanks again.

The cotton yarn that I just found at Michaels is 52% cotton 48% acrylic, but I can’t say that it has give, so I don’t know that’s any help. … :cry:

It’s called Cotton Fair by Premiere. It comes in regular colors as well as multicolors (but not striped).

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