Need Yarn Advice

Hi all :slight_smile: I’m planning on making the Must Have Cardi: but have either a bad sensitivity or just plain allergy to wool :sad: I’ve recently been knitting with Knitpicks Comfy (worsted cotton/acrylic), and I’ve done some things in Caron Simply Soft. If I decide to tackle something that has the possibility of being really nice, I don’t want to use cruddy yarn. Any suggestions for me on yarn? Has anyone who is sensitive to wool, had luck with a particular brand of wool? Thanks in advance - Holly

I am extremely sensitive to wool myself. I have not found a wool that I can tolerate for a sweater yet. I’ve been trying out various ones as scarves to test them. Some are better than others.

I would not go to the trouble of making a sweater in a wool that someone else recommended. Each person is different and you need to see how they feel on [I]your[/I] neck and chest since that is the most sensitive area for most people.

I recently made a sweater with some nice acrylic - James C. Brett marble chunky - and I love it and wear it all the time. It’s acrylic though.

Thanks for the recommendation. I don’t mind acrylic, but I want something with a nice feel and wear to it. I’ve used Caron Simply Soft for slipper socks, but they do get very fuzzy (of course they get a lot of use being walked on!). I don’t want an acrylic that has that icky, squeeky feel to it - I know, a bizzare description, but it’s happened to me before! Holly

You might want to check on ravelry & see what yarn others have used. I would give you idea of how the sweater looks worked up.

I find cables stand out better in a smooth, solid yarn. You could use an acrylic/cotton blend. It wouldn’t be as warm as wool though. But still lovely.

Over on Ravelry on Page 6 of the many pages of the Must Have Cardigan there is one of the few non-wool sweaters made with Bernat Satin Solids in a pretty shade of yellow. The sweater is lovely!


Yes, they definitely do so the yarn I mentioned probably wouldn’t be a good one for that pattern. I’m making one in Berroco Comfort and Plymouth Jeannee now and both are not wool, but I’m not sure they’d work well with that pattern either. :think:

I have a friend who also has this problem with wool and I have made her some things from Encore Worsted that she has no problem with and really likes. It is 75% acrylic and 25% wool. Very soft. Patons Decor is the same mix. Kraemer Yarns has some cotton/acrylic mixes in both dk and worsted weight - I have made two sweaters and a pinafore from the Tatamy Tweed and Little Lehigh that are really nice. I love Patons Classic Wool which is very soft and might not bother you but it is 100% wool. I don’t know if Brett has a worsted weight but I like the chunky and have seen a dk wt.Patons Canadiana is a 100% acrylic worsted wt. I really like Jeannee too and it is both worsted and dk. Hope this gives you one more opinion anyway.:knitting: