Need yarn advice for baby blanket

Hello all,
I am going to be knitting and want to know if anyone can tell me what kind of yarn is the best to use. I really want it to be special and the best there is out there. Also, what is the best website for buying yarn.
I have not yet searched for these answers and hope if anyone has a minute, you could give me some advice! I am off to search for the answers.



Anything washable. Yes cashmere and merino are special and supersoft but a new mom does. not. have. time. to handwash a blanket; it probably won’t be used. Caron Simply Soft is very soft and machine washable; Bernat has washable baby yarns too.

Sue, thank you. I am going to be knitting the blanket as a keepsake and it will not be used, so I will start shopping now! Thank you so much for your advice.

Really? I can’t imagine going to all that work and have it just put away and not seen or used. :shrug: Good luck with it though and share pix when you’re done.

I use Bernat Satin for alot of baby blankets. It’s not SUPER soft, but soft enough and has a nice sheen. It is also easily washed for kiddos who tend to spit up on, soil, or get their blankie dirty. Plus - it allows for great stitch definition if you are taking the time to use a nice stitch pattern.

Hi Jan, rest assured, it will be shown off prominently and not tucked away…and if I can knit well enough, it can be used!

I am knitting a very special bring baby home from the hospital blanket out of 60% silk and 40% cashmere " Breeze by Karabella. It is not machine washable but the blanket is destine to become an hariloom handed down form one generation to the next as requested by my daughter in law. Each time I pick it up to work on it I think what a waste - but them I think that it is what she wanted and proud that she asked me to knit this wonderful blanket. Just the feel of the yarn as it is worked brings me pleasure. So if it is a blanket that will be used just on very special occasions then I say go for it and ask the receiver to give it to you for laundering. :knitting:

Check out the pics of the baby blanket I am currently knitting: Baby Blocks in Bernat Satin

Whatever you make…please choose REASONABLE sized needles.

My sister asked me at Christmas to help her work on her baby blanket that she has been working on for her dh’s sister. She had been working on it for 6 months (the baby is already 4 months old!) and she just needed someone to zip through a few more rows for her. I thought, “Sure, why not? She’s a busy lawyer and pregnant herself, I would love to help her.”

HAHAHAHAHA! I am a sucker. She is making a HUGE blanket (well, HUGE for a baby blanket, anyway…it will be the size of a throw when is finished) and she is knitting it on size 4 needles! No wonder it’s taken her 6 months to do! I worked my tail off on it and I still only did about 15 rows for her. Also…she knits tightly, so trying to not mess up her gauge was delightful.