Need tying bootie pattern for #4 worsted yarn

Hello again. I am looking for a pattern to make [I]small[/I] booties using #4 worsted weight yarn. (I might have gone a little too far with all these amazing new gumball multi-colored yarns and similar… sigh.) I’m looking for one where you can put a ribbon or thread through to tie it on and I prefer not to pay for it as I’ve already bought a pattern for fingering yarn booties lol.

This forum is so great! Many thanks to all!


See if this one fits.

You can also do an advanced search on Ravelry to see if there are more.

Those are darling!

Thanks so much. I’ve spent hours on Ravelry looking but never came across those!



Do you use the advanced search over on the left side of the pattern screen? It can really be very helpful, especially for very popular items like booties. There may be several more but those caught my eye.

I guess not! Wow. AGAIN thanks so much!

Hi, maybe this one can be use, you need only 50 yards or less
happy Knitting!