Need tutorial to attach sleeve

I have the front and back of the sweater made and the shoulders attached. I made one of the sleeves and want to make sure it fits and I like it before I knit the other one.

I have the sleeve and the front/back pieces blocking now and hope to get started later. The pattern instructions are simply set in sleeve, sew side and sleeve seams.

I understand that I will be using the mattress stitch and know how to do it. What I don’t understand is how to line up sleeve and sweater and start the seaming. Any good explanations/videos/tutorials with pics?


Here is a link.

Thanks! I got brave a gave it a shot. It is not perfect, but I think I can live with it. I had cast-on two additional selvedge stitches, which would have been ok, except that I was switching skeins every two rows and carrying the other strand up the side. The right side got a little wonky looking.

This is my first seamed sweater and first intarsia project. I am proud-silly of my skull and crossbones. And the sleeve fits!


You did a great job!

That seam looks as good as it gets!! Congrats!

you did a realy great job… do you have the patern for that sweater? it completely rocks.

Thanks for the compliments. I am really excited about my sweater and hope to start the second sleeve today.

The pattern is from the Spring 2006 Knit.1. It is the Jolly Roger sweater. However, the yarn called for is Lion Brand Thick N Quick. I did not like the feel or color selection of it. I am using Handpainted Yarns 6-Ply Bulky Merino. My gauge is pretty off, but the sweater sizing was way too big for my tastes anyway (it is unisex sizing). So with my thinner yarn and smaller needle I am making the large size. The skull was done in Colinette Prism colorway Pierro. When it is done I’ll try to get some more accurate color pics.