Need translation please!


I am knitting a baby blanket in the round, and don’t understand what the following means : round 2 and all other even rounds…work as established…[U]PURL THE PURLS AND P3TOG STS FROM THE PREVIOUS ROUND[/U]. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


It means on the even numbered rounds, work the stitches as they appear. If the next stitch on the needle looks like a purl, purl it; if it looks like a knit, knit it. This thread might help you if you’re not sure what knit and purl sts ook like, there’s a video and pictures.

thank you! could you explain what p3tog sts [U]from the previous round mean[/U]? Much appreciated!


I’m sorry, I missed that part of your original question. On the previous round you did p3tog, on this round they’ll look like knits but you should purl them. So you would purl the stitches that look like purls and also the ones that you did the p3tog on the row before. Once you get going on it, it won’t be too hard to tell which is which.