Need toe-sock help please

i’m working on a pair of toe socks. i have 18 stitches split between two needles with my working yarn on the left end of the left needle. the other stitches are held with stitch holders. so it then says:

2nd rnd: cast on 3 sts. knit these 3 sts. K18. join in rnd and place a marker on first stitch. divide these 21 sts onto 3 needles.

so my question is, if i cast on 3 stitches and then need to knit those 3 stitches, wouldn’t i have to turn my work? wouldn’t i be knitting on the wrong side? please help. and thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

when you cast on mid project you would normally use a knitted on or cable cast on…

pick up your project and cast on 3 stitches and then look at where your last cast on stitch is …

Ill wait…

ok it should be right where you need it to start knitting…
no turning, just knit away.

hope this helps

thank you for your reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve seen video of cable cast on, but they always show it from the beginning with a loop and tail. anyhow, it seems at that point you would be knitting from left to right. so, i think i am still confused.

what i’m looking at right now (left to right) is my lead yarn, then 3 cast on stitches, then 9 knitted stitches on one needle. and then another needle 9 more knitted stitches that i somehow need to connect with each other. this would make sense to me if the cast on stitches were on the right side (not left side) of my work. maybe i need to take a pic. but i’m not going to set up a flickr account just for this. at least not yet. :wink:

if it helps, these are the socks i’m making.

Pretend you’ve already cast on a couple sts or that the end stitch is your knot. Then move the needle to the right hand so you can keep on knitting.