Need to widen a baby bkanket

Hi! I’m fairly new to knitting and am stuck with a confusing situation. Spent a lot of time knitting this baby blanket in basket weave (not finished yet), and realized it’s too narrow. I already have a border going around it, and was thinking of crocheting a border to widen it. I don’t want to lengthen, just widen. I’m afraid putting a border on just the sides might make it look odd. What do you suggest for adding to the width but not the length and it still looking good? I can maybe put a narrow border on the ends, and wider on the sides (for aesthetics), but I have no idea how to “connect” the corners. Thanks. image

You can add a crochet edging along the sides but the knitting needle is still in the end so that you can finish lengthwise, isn’t it? Why not make the blanket a bit shorter that you need and add the border all around?
You can then crochet adding more sts at the corners to turn the corner. If you decide to only add onto the sides you would continue edging along the end borders to the very edge of the blanket.

Hi. Thank you! I thought about doing that, but my concern is that it will be more of a square, or still too narrow. I guess my concern or confusion, or perhaps naïveté, is that I am assuming I need to have “uneven” borders around the blanket to make it more of the shape of a baby blanket. Maybe I am reading too much into it, and not understanding knitting/crocheting, so I am confused as to how I would join “uneven” borders at the corners. For example, I crochet 7 rows Lengthwise, and maybe 3-5 Widthwise; how would I connect the corners? I’m just worried it might look funny if I don’t have it exact and matching on all four corners, or connected in the corners. I haven’t knitted enough to know what the end result will look like. And I’ve only crocheted twice in my life!!! I’ve only knitted straight things, and never incorporated a border! (Started knitting - very casually - about a year ago)

These are all good things to consider. Whether you knit an added border or crochet one, do it all in one go. Work around all 4 sides. Work a few extra sts at the corners so the border will lie flat.
I’ll look for a video that may make this clearer.

Personally I preferred square baby blankets anyway. I think crocheting around the entire square as many times as you want to make the edge wider would work. If you want it a rectangle you could still add the border all the way around.