Need to Vent

I’m so…UGH! I don’t know. Upset? PO’d? Irritated. Yes, that’s it…IRRITATED! :hair:

I’ve been making a sweater (some of you may know this due to some other posts about “issues” - Thanks to Artlady, btw), and I’ve managed to get the body finished and am now working on the sleeves. I don’t usually make sweaters as I don’t find them cost effective for a hobby, but I really liked this one and have been thinking of making it for a few years and thought I’d try it as I’m a bit more experienced now.

I have started the first blasted sleeve 4 times since Monday. I can’t figure out why I’m having such a problem. For instance, last night, on Artlady’s great suggestion, I am going to knit them flat and then seam them instead of knitting in the round so that I can adjust the pattern more accurately being able to view it flat. I cast on and start the twisted rib of the cuff, get about an inch and half done of the two inches needed, then…out of nowhere…I look at my work a few rows later and it looks…different. I’m not doing anything differently. I pull the work a bit to make sure my stitches are how they are supposed to be. They are. I’m focused on this stupid cuff to the exclusion of anything else. My darling husband, knowing that I’m irritated, is leaving me be (bless him). But, the knitting looks different. After a few minutes of nonsensical jibberish and radom mumblings, I rip the darn thing out - - - AGAIN!!! :wall:

Deep breath.

I know you’ve all been here. I’m so irritated I’m practically convinced to forget the sleeves all together and have a charming vest instead. On the other hand…I will NOT be beaten by a sleeve. Now, I’m on a mission. A dreadful, dreadful mission.

This is why I stick to socks. Nobody gets hurt.

Beat that sleeve! Show it who’s boss. And you will feel so good about yourself. I don’t know why, but I feel very good about myself and my skill level when I finally beat or figure out something that’s holding me up.

I know you can do it. I recommend a cup of tea or coffee, a few minutes to breathe in and out, then tackle the problem again with a fresh set of eyes. :cheering:

Sounds like the sleeve, and you, need a timeout. Is there something small you can work on for a few days, something that’s easy so you don’t have to think about it?

I agree with Suzeeq! When I’m getting really frustrated with something I usually find that taking a bit of a break and working on something a little easier helps ease the frustration a little and gives you a sense of accomplishing something. Then, when you go back to the project that’s been giving you trouble you can start fresh.

For me, things never turn out well if I keep trying to work on it while frustrated!

Good luck … I know eventually you’ll get it right! :cheering:

I agree with the others. Sounds like a small break with a fun project would do the trick. Hang in there! We have all had these times. :hug:

Thanks all!

I definitely agree about the “time out” and I’ll try to wait until the weekend to try again. But, it’s mocking me and I’ll have to pick up the needles later, I just know it.

The suggestion of doing something simpler is also good, however…here’s the thing…this IS simple. It couldn’t be more simple. Especially this ribbing part. I’m making it difficult somehow. It’s me. Not the sleeve.

I will beat the sleeve, have no doubt. It’s just a matter of time and my will being stronger than IT. A big glass of wine and my best “I will crush you” face should scare the yarn into submission, don’t ya think?

You are a better knitter than I to even attempt a sweater. There are 2 things in life I expect to never do - run a marathon and knit a sweater.
Anyway…do you have a LYS you can take it to and have them watch you knit and see if they can see where you are making the error? I’m sure I abuse my lovely LYS owner, but I try to make it up to her in purchases and cookies : ) I know you have a great little shop over towards Albany off New Karner Road…I visit them everytime I am in town and even got my Red Heart mother shopping there now…Trumpet Hill I think.
Best of Luck !!

Could this be the problem (?): the “pattern stitch” given for the body is set for working “in the round”, with the RS always facing you. So, there is no “wrong side” ever facing you. Remembering that, [U]when you depart from knitting “in the round”[/U]…you will now have a WS every other row.

If that cuff is looking weird no matter how many times you’ve tried it, and you [B]HAVE[/B] [B]SUCCESSFULLY[/B] knit the pattern stitch for the body…my guess is that you aren’t knitting the WS rows correctly for the sleeve cuff. Just a teensy off and it will look odd.

Can you re-think it as for a RS and a WS?

There are instructions for both the ribbing pattern and main pattern doing them either in the round or flat. I don’t have a problem with how to do either in whatever format I’m doing it in. I think, with the ribbing, that I was a bit to judgmental of my own work for a bit. If I had let it “ease” a bit, it probably would have looked just fine. I was, most likely, too quick to frog it.

I need to take my time as I’m in the “home stretch” as it were of the sweater and I figured I could just bang out a couple of sleeves in no time. In my rushing, I’m not being careful. As I’ve said…It’s me, not the sleeves.

Granted, the pattern is simple, yet the increases make it complex and I have to decide how to arrange the stitches so the majority of the pattern stays true. I was hoping there was some sort of magical shortcut, which there is not. This has to be chalked up to skill and I’m learning by doing in this instance.

Wow, I’m sounding so philosophical about it all. Hmmm? Zen and the Art of Knitting, anyone? “Become one with the stitches, Grasshopper.” :teehee: