Need to tink with this please!

I want to make this pattern:
but I want to make it using Knitpicks Shine Sport. I’m perfectly willing to tink the pattern to fit me, but I’m not sure how many skeins of yarn to buy. Can someone look at the pattern and tell me, if I made the same size as the pattern calls for, how many yards of Shine Sport would I need?


From what I can tell the Henry’s Attic Yarn (example here from in the Inca Cotton has 325 yards per hank and a guage of 4-6 spi on US 6 - 8 needles.

Shine sport seems to have a different guague of 6 spi on 3-5 needles. There is about 110 yards per skein.

I’d say since it is a smaller guage you’ll need at least 4 balls of sport…but that depends on the needle size and the final guague.

Thanks! I’ll order 5 just to be on the safe side.