Need to stiffen my knitted boarder


So I saw this thing in the store for a earing holder. Its just mesh with a cute boarder and it hands on the wall. I figured I could easily make such a thing. So I knitted the cutest boarder of scalloped leaves, sewed it together, and now just need to add the mesh. Problem is though, the knittied material is very floppy…

I need some way to stiffen it so it can hang and support its own weight. I was wondering if any one else out there has come across a similar problem and has any tips on what materials works well with knitted fabric. Thanks!!!

Unless you use crochet cotton which can be starched, the only way to make a yarn knit stiffer is to use much smaller needles. Or back it with something stiff, like plastic mesh.

okay, so how would you recomend putting the plastic mesh on the knitting?

Sewing it with needle and thread.

The frame is knitted, the middle will be sewn in? Right?
So, my advice would be to sew the square for the back, give it a tunnel once around and thread some wire through. Craft shops have all sorts of non rusting wires (or plastic cable / string) that is stiff enough to frame your project. Look in the jewlery department and with the pearls.
If you use wire: leave a gap to remove it, in case you want to wash your piece some time down the road.

Instead of putting the mesh in the center with the border left “free,” (which is what I’m envisioning you doing…maybe I’m misunderstanding?)…why not cut your mesh so that it your border is attached to the mesh (i.e., make the mesh the size of the outside of the border, even though the earrings will on be placed on the exposed mesh in the center).

Does that make any sense? I’m assuming your mesh is stiff enough to serve the purpose.