Need to shrink a hat

I got done with a hat for a seven year old boy, but it’s even large on me. This is knitted with worsted weight acrylic yarn. I found a tip on Home and Garden Network to plunge it into hot water, cold water, and throw it into a hot clothes dryer. Now acrylic yarn is not a natural fiber, so I am afraid it might melt. Does anyone else think this would be a good idea?

it’s probably fine but that generally are the instructions for shrinking (or felting) wool…not sure if it will be effective on acrylic. :shrug:

Those directions are for felting, which will certainly make a knitted object smaller but, as you already guessed, only works on animal fibers such as wool. You may not melt the acrylic by giving it the hot-cold-hot treatment but you won’t shrink it either.

You do have some options, though. (1) Get a spool of elastic thread and sew several rows of it through the inside bottom edge of the hat. Pull up the elastic until it’s the right size for the young man’s head and tie it off. The hat will be nice and snug at the bottom edges. The top will still be large but at least the hat won’t fall off. This trick also works for loose necklines and cuffs. (2) Frog it and start over, watching your gauge to be sure the new hat isn’t too big. Try smaller needles if you can’t get the gauge. (3) Give the hat to an adult male with a large head, make a smaller one for the boy, and act as though that’s what you had planned all along.

Is it just too big around? (Or can you make the extra length into a cuff?)

Are you on good terms with your sewing machine? The only thing that comes to mind for me is to sew off a section to make it the right width and cut off the extra. You’d have a seam, but it would fit better, I guess. :slight_smile:

It should be noted that I am not on good terms with my sewing machine, so I have no idea how well this would work…

Yeah, it didn’t work for me on my Tychus hat. My problem was there was one too many repeats for the pattern–it was huge on me. I still haven’t done anything with it, don’t really want to frog it all. I may try making another seam and cutting off the extra pattern repeat. I never thought about sewing it with a machine…hmmm that’s an idea.

I guess I failed to mention that this is a reversible hat. I might be able to do the elastic thread thing, but I would have to be careful that it wasn’t noticeable.