Need to rapidly decrease my hat

My hat is nearly the perfect size - the 12 decrease rows will make it too large (chemo hat for my mom) - if I skip the rows between decrease rows, will it make the crown wonky? Is my only option to frog several inches? The decrease per the pattern is k6 k2tog / k / k5 k2tog / etc with a cast on of 80

(Occasional purl hat from Knots of Love)


What does the hat measure from cast on to the current row?
You can certainly decrease on every row but you might want to insert a lifeline before the decreases just in case you don’t like the more rapid decreases.

This is a very thoughtful gift for your both. I wish her well.


Cast on to current row is 9".

I’ve done a lifeline before! My scrabble blanket was saved by my courage to try a lifeline for the first time

They are truly life savers. Definitely decrease without the intervening knit rows. Six to 7 inches is usually enough to make a beanie though of course you can always turn up the brim.
Hope all goes well with your mom and the chemo. It’s tough times for sure.

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If you were to decrease per the pattern, she could turn up more of the brim, in case you don’t care for the more sudden decrease.