Need to lose those extra pounds! (rant)

Just a little bit of a rant - promise I won’t be long!

OMG - I just found a picture of me in a bathing suit from about 4 years ago. Funny thing is, I remember feeling fat in that bathing suit and being so self conscious and now that I look at that picture 4 years later I think “Look how thin I was!” Now I am having so much trouble losing weight I can’t believe it. It makes me so depressed sometimes! I know what I have to do and I tell myself every day I will do it but then something happens and it gets sabotaged. I promised myself that I would exercise as soon as I got home last night, but when I got home I found that my air conditioner broke and it was way over 90 in my house (yes its still freaking hot out here) So after dealing with the air conditioner it was way too hot to do anything and I was way too tired so I just went to bed! Arghhhhh!!! I WILL exercise today though!!! I swear!!!

Best of luck with it. I have been fighting weight for years. I was a skinny teenager, but once I got married it’s been a struggle to stay close to the high end of normal for my height.
Each day gives us a chance for a fresh start. Don’t give up.

You know, I’ve done the same thing. I look back and wonder what the heck I was complaining about! :doh:

I am now down over 40 lbs and have reached my goal. I started out on Weight Watchers Online and lost a lot. I gained back 15 lbs so this time I just used Sparkpeople and kept track of what I ate. Keeping a journal of your food is very helpful and helps keep you on track. You know exactly how many calories you’ve eaten, what nutrients you’re getting or not getting and it helps to keep you honest.

You can do it! :thumbsup:

I belong to a weight loss group called TOPS ,Take of Pounds Sensibly,it is much cheaper to join than weight watchers.I find that having a weigh in day helps keep me on track,granted I’ve got a lot of weight to lose but if I didn’t attend I would be out of control.As Jan stated one of the most effective weight loss tools is pencil and paper…write down everything you put in your mouth.
As you get older losing weight is harder so get it off while you are young

My trick for losing weight is cooking! I have a very strict food budget (college student) and when I go shopping I limit myself to one snack food - usually good bread, as I hate white. When I cook, I usually eat less than at the caf, and I use less oil (caf food is so disgusting).
The problem is that my university requires that we have a meal plan, and minimum meals per week (with no rollover and non-transferrable) is 7. Which means if I don’t eat there a few times a week, I’m wasting something like $1500 per semester. Mom figured it up to something like $13 per meal. At half that rate I could eat twice as healthy and have money leftover to save up for after I graduate, when I will be twice as broke! (mini-rant over).
I’ve started dancing when I can - I don’t take lessons any more but I remember some of the drills we did and its familiar and feels good, and I can do it in the kitchen while cooking.
Find something active you enjoy doing - a lot of people jog or run, swim or ride bikes, do yoga or get together with friends for games. Or walk a dog, ride a horse, learn to fence, or dance. Whatever you LIKE.

oh, yeah. I’m in this boat too. I was obese for more than a decade. Then, when I was about to turn 40, I decided that I wanted to lose the weight. Took me a couple of years, but I did it. I lost 75lbs! And I kept it off for more than 3 years!
Then something truly horrific happened in my family, and over the course of the past 3 years I have slowly gained back MORE THAN I LOST. :waah: Now, I have more than 80 lbs to lose. I have to lose all that same weight and then some - all over again!! :hair:

Now that I’m nearly 50, I’m having a hard time getting up the motivation to do this AGAIN. I keep saying I will… but I have yet to see myself actually do it.

Honda cb400f history

I lost about 70 pounds starting about 7 months before my wedding (which was last November.)

As long as I was conscious of my calorie intake and nutritional needs (I used to help keep track) I didn’t really have to cut out any foods I like.

It also helped that my brother, who is an avid weightlifter and nutrition expert, helped me put together a food and exercise plan. The plan went like this:

-Mon - Calorie intake: 1800-1900; Exercise: Lift weights to work every muscle group in the upper body.
-Tues - Calorie intake: 1800-1900; Exercise: 30 minutes of cardio.
-Weds - Calorie intake: 1800-1900; Exercise: Lift weights to work every muscle group in the lower body (Abs are part of the lower body workout.)
-Thurs - Calorie intake: 1800-1900; Exercise: 30 minutes of cardio.
-Fri - Calorie intake: 1800-1900; Exercise: Lift weights to work every muscle group in the upper body.
-Sat - Calorie intake: 1800-1900; Exercise: 30 minutes of cardio.
[B]-Sun - Calorie intake: WHO CARES?! Seriously, I ate WHATEVER I wanted on Sunday, even if it was ice cream for breakfast, candy bars for lunch, and pizza for dinner; Exercise: NADA. No gym on Sundays, either.[/B]

Of course, on this plan, the weightlifting part kept alternating, too, so the next Monday would be to lift weights to work every muscle group in the lower body, the next Wednesday would be the upper body, the next Friday would be lower body and then the Monday after that would start back to upper body.

And as a couple of side notes:

It’s better to use free weights if you can (it can be hard to use free weights to work your legs, though) because it gets your brain involved. Your muscles have to work harder to keep the weights moving in the correct motion, as opposed to a machine where the limitations of the machine make it impossible for you to move the weight incorrectly.

Many women shy away from “weightlifting” because they don’t want to “bulk up.” It’s actually pretty hard for a woman to bulk up the way a man does, it takes a LOT of effort and some help from illegal substances to do so. Weightlifting for women will serve to help tone muscles, giving their bodies a “tight, lean” look.

In order to get the max effect out of weightlifting, you want to fatigue your muscles. The plan I used implemented a method of increasing the intensity (which generally meant I went up in the amount of weight, although this isn’t always the case for increasing intensity) on each set, while decreasing the number of reps I did. This served to fatigue my muscles to the point that they would have to knit back together, thus repairing themselves stronger than they were before.

If it wasn’t Sunday and I was CRAVING, say, a Snickers bar, I would have one. There’s no point in denying yourself, you just set yourself up for failure. The thing is, though, that once I got on track with my eating, after a while it was no big deal to wait until Sunday. And when Sunday came around, I didn’t feel like pigging out horribly, even though I could.

I never hit a plateau, where I just couldn’t shed any weight for that week, because I kept my metabolism on its toes by changing up my calorie intake on Sundays. My body never got used to the routine nor did it start to think I was starving it.

And, as a disclaimer, ALWAYS discuss any new weight loss program with your doctor or some sort of health professional first.

Evona, I know what you mean! I have been saying and vowing to lose weight (I need to lose about 70lbs!! and I’m 5’1"~e-gads!!). I have been talking and not DOING for years :mad: :wall: :waah:

I feel like I need somebody to poke me and prod me everyday to get me to stay on track! But I know I need to be responsible for myself and not depend on others to motivate me or keep me going. I really want to do it, and yet everyday there’s a reason I don’t have time, or don’t feel up to it :nails: Then I beat myself up verbally for being a lazy, undisciplined bum.


JAFloridaG, these are absolutely wonderful tips (especially the Sunday thing :teehee:~today’s Sunday, right?? LOL!) I was going to ask what plan you were following, but then I read more closely :stuck_out_tongue: Great brother you have, to help you like that! Congratulations on sticking with it and reaching your goal-well done! :thumbsup:

I do think I can do it, and I really want to. I am sure you can to, Evona! (and MoniDew, too! :cool:

Anyone ever hear of the No-S diet? There’s a website that explains it, but its very simple and easy to follow. Basically its this: No Sugar, No Seconds, No Snacks. Except on days that start with S (weekends) or on special days (family birthdays, anniversary, national holidays and such). Very sensible. Y’all might want to check it out-it was invented by a guy named Reinhard Engals who used it himself to lose forty pounds or so a few years ago. He even wrote a book to go with it! But you can get all the info you need free on the website,too. (nayy, just really like this plan!)

I’m sorry that such a bad thing happened, but I know how that is unfortunately :sad: When my dad died I went into a deep depression - he was my rock for a long time after leaving my ex and he was also my babysitter and helping support me through college so there were a lot of things to deal with when he suddenly passed. Plus I’m an only child and don’t have much family so I felt very alone with 2 young kids. I gained weight during that time, but not nearly as much as I have now and I did get that off (I was younger then too though - only 24)

I am going to be 35 next month and I am having a hard time motivating too. Plus I’ve been having back problems lately and I know its the weight I’ve put on.

But we know we can do it! We’ve done it before! :slight_smile:

That’s really awesome! Thanks for all the tips. I had a cheat/break day in my plan when I lost weight after my father died too. Amazingly, as time went on I found I ate less and less of the bad stuff on my cheat/rest day. UNTIL, i got together with my BF :roflhard: He’s the kind of guy who can eat a stack of pancakes and an omlette for breakfast and 3 burritos for dinner and never gain an once - I’m serious - he’s as skinny as a rail and he eats a lot!!! Its not his fault, but when we went out to eat and he was eating the yummiest (but most fattening) thing, it was really hard to feel an appetite for my salad :roflhard:

Last night I got an idea from one of my BFs forums for a motivational project to help us lose weight. On his forum they call it the USN super challenge (or something like that). They form teams and assign team captains and each person on the team runs a certain number of miles per week and reports to the captain. They assign a start date and an end date and the team with the most logged miles wins.

Well - I am in NO shape to go running, but I can walk :slight_smile: Maybe we can start walking teams and set up the same kind of thing. We can figure out some nominal prize- Not something huge, just something to get us motivated - maybe a gift certificate to KnitPicks or something. We can count miles whether they be treadmill, trail, track or urban and suburban sidewalks. Would anybody be interested in something like this? We can hash out details if enough people would be interested in such a thing.

Don’t you hate that about men? They can eat whatever they want, it’s not fair. And even the guys who do have a little extra chunk, society doesn’t “condemn” them the way they do women.

Unfortunately, I stopped following this plan after the wedding and gained the Newlywed Nine (or it might have been Nineteen in my case… :teehee: ) but I’m still nowhere near as heavy as I was when I started the plan. After the wedding I just felt a little more relaxed knowing I didn’t have a dress that I HAD to fit in on a certain date, plus my life got really hectic with jobs (I had 2) and then a serious family tragedy happened two months after the wedding, which we’re still dealing with. And then I moved across the country. I’m determined to get back on track though, which will probably mean going back to to help me out.

Anyways, I didn’t mean to get off on a tangent there, I just wanted to say it’s totally understandable that it feels like life gets in the way of weight loss. I think that’s why it’s so important to make the method of weight loss a feasible part of one’s life, rather than a “diet” (if that makes sense.) It’s hard, though, which is why I think it’s ridiculous for people to beat themselves up over “falling off the wagon” so to speak. I mean, skinny people don’t eat perfectly every meal of every day, why should THAT be the method for losing weight, then?

One thing that really irritated me, though, was at the time I was losing all this weight, I was working at Lane Bryant (which for those of you not familiar with the store, they sell plus size women’s clothing.) So, it stands to reason that most of the employees are plus size (the discount was AWESOME!) Anyways, several girls that I worked with CONSTANTLY asked me my “secret” for losing weight so well. I told them the truth; I didn’t deny myself, I exercised regularly, and I watched what I ate. Nine times out of ten, the girls would get a look of severe disappointment when they realized I was WORKING for it, and not taking some sort of magic pill. Heck, one girl who asked me these questions finally decided to resort to some sort of method where she was injected with some kind of hormones to trick her body into thinking it wasn’t hungry. Apparently the shots hurt and she felt nauseated a lot of the time. No thanks, I’ll go to the gym with my Ipod and have some “me” time, instead.

Here’s what I am doing with great success:

5-Factor Fitness by Harley Pasternak (fitness plan - super easy - 25 minute workouts 5 days a week!)

5-Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak or 3-Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise (both are great and I’ve used them both - am using Cruise’s book now)

Good luck!

My diet plan is working great! It’s called the “I’m too poor to afford food so I drink coffee all the time to keep from getting hungry diet” I’ve lost over 10 lbs so far, all in about 2 months time! :teehee:

Oh no Demonica! I really worry about your health drinking so much coffee. I’ve been there though. When my children were little I was a late teen and early 20s mother with a deadbeat for a husband. Needless to say it was all up to me to make money and being as I was so young there was just nothing out there for me that would pay enough to keep up the rent, food etc (thank God for dad!) I was on aid at the time as well, but still hard to make ends meet. As a result I also drank coffee all day so that whatever food we had would go to the kids and I could keep my energy up. I got so malnurished doing that though Demonica - I got down to 115 pounds (I’m 5’9" so that is way to light) and I was having horrible headaches. You really do have to have enough food for yourself. Please make sure that you look into any resources possible. I’m very sorry you’re having such a hard time right now :hug: :hug: :heart: :heart:

Yeah, it’s rough right now. We have enough for the basics, breakfast for the kids, lunch for the kids and dinner for all of us. My mom and dad were buying our groceries for a couple months there because hubby and I had so little to eat it was affecting us both physically and mentally.

I’ve been shopping at Aldi for a while now and that helps some, our grocery bill isn’t nearly as high as when we were shopping at our higher end store, but, it’s still really just the basics.

The thing that sucks is we’re in that income bracket where we don’t have enough money to make ends meet, but, we make too much money to receive any assistance.

But, it can’t last forever, right? crosses fingers lol

Totally understand what you mean! I am in that bracket right now. Its just ridiculous!! Especially with rents in Los Angeles. My rent takes nearly half my take home pay.