Need to locate a shaw/cardigan pattern

Hi everyone. Just wanted to know if anyone can help me located a pattern on the website.

I want to knit a long crocheted cardigan but the back of the cardigan ends at the waist but the sides end at the ankle.

Reminds me of this pattern from stitch diva.

Thanks for your help Mirl 56

Its similar to the blue cardi wrap on but it has long sleeves in the same pattern as the body of the sweater.
And the sides of the cardi wrap are level compared to being slanted like the link above.

Does anyone knows where i can get the pattern for free? :frowning:
Tight on a budget.
How about this one?
(this one is in Ravelry, but the link outside Ravelry doesn’t seem to work so you’ll have to be a ravelry member to see this one).

or this one for sale:

I am looking for something like this (see the link below) but i don’t want the collars nor the slanted right and left sides.

Since i am a beginner knitter, i don’t how how to revise this pattern. :frowning:

Its soo hard locating a pattern. Anymore know of a 911 # for pattern help?

The side slants are from it being a rectangle with slits in it for the armholes. You could make it shorter and move the slits closer to the neck edge.