Need to cast on using 2 colours

Please Help!!!

I need to cast on MC 30 stitches, CC 10 Stitches, MC 30 Stitches.

After my first 30 stitches do I break the yarn?

How does my cast on row join together?

I am a beginner at knitting (an extreme beginner) so please be really specific if you can help. (step by step instructions, like I am a child :roflhard: )

Thanks in advance for any advise you can give me

Peta xx

How does it say to work the next row? If it still keeps to the separate colors over the same stitches, you’d twine the yarn around each other. Look at Intarsia, under Knitting With 2 Colors on the Advanced Techniques page. Don’t break off the yarn, you’ll probably need a strand of the MC for the following rows, so use 2 ends of that.

So the pattern is:
Cast on MC 30, CC 10, MC 30
1st Row: Knit MC 30, Knit CC 10, Knit MC 30
2nd Row: Purl MC 30, Purl CC 10, Purl MC 30

So do I need to cast on both strands together??? And just drop the one I’m not using until I need it?

Thank You so much,

Peta xx

Yes, that’s right. CO w/MC, drop it, CO with CC, drop it, CO with another end of MC. Then turn and work each section with the separate yarn ends, twisting the yarn around each other loosely when you switch to the other one. I think the Intarsia video I mentioned above will help you with this.

Thank You so much!!!

I have another question though… Like I said I am very beginner here!

When you say cast on with another end of MC, what does that actually mean?

Should I be making 2 balls of the MC to use for this pattern.

I watched the Intarsia video. Do you know if there is a video that shows casting on for intarsia??

I really appreciate your help thank you so much.

Peta xx

You would CO the same as your regular way, just use the different colors for the sts. If you don’t have 2 balls of the MC, you can use the tail from the other end, though that could get tangled. What are you making?

It’s a stuffed puppy dog in brown and white.

I do have 2 balls of the main color so I will use them.

Will my cast on stitches be joined together or will it be 3 separate sections (where the colors change???)

Peta xx

If you twist the 2 yarns around each other when you switch colors, the sections will be joined without any holes. The twist, really just an overlap of one yarn over the other, is just as shown in the video.

For the CO, you’ll have three separate sections on the same needle, but after the first row of knitting, they will become intertwined via the twists in the yarn (as you saw in the Intarsia video). This is very similar to the way I started the inside of my rabbit ears for a rabbit hat; the ears were white with brown in the middle.