Need tips

OK i’m trying to teach myself to knit I have learned to cast on and cast off knit stitch and purl stitch I have a pattern that I am trying to tackle. k4 yfwd SL1 k2tog psso yfwd so does that mean slip 1 off to the other needle pull yarn to the front knit two together (to become one stitch) as in a dec and psso is that suposed to slip over top of the k2tog

k4 yfwd SL1 k2tog psso yfwd You would knit 4 sts, then bring the yarn to the front as though you were getting ready to purl. Now insert the right needle into the next stitch as if to knit it, but just move it to the right needle, then k2tog. Now with the left needle lift the stitch you slipped to the right needle over the stitch that resulted from the K2tog and off the end of the right needle. And then bring the yarn to the front again.

The yfwd is what we call in the USA a yarn over, but between knit stitches it just amounts to bringing the yarn to the front and from there you work the next instruction.

Beautiful description Merigold.

Anytime you do a yfwd, when there are knit stitches on both sides of it, it becomes a yo.