Need tips on teaching friend how to knit

I will be starting to teach a friend how to knit next week. I would love some insight on what to do how and how to do it.

Here’s what I told her to get ahead of time.
[li]US 7 or US 8 straight 14" needle[/li][li]Skein of cheap worsted weight yarn[/li][/ul]

Here’s my plan on how I’m going to teach her.
[li]Cast on for her and show her knit stitch. I’m going to be showing her English knitting, since that’s what I do mostly.[/li][li]Show her long tail cast on. Basically, in my experience, if you can do a knit stitch, casting on is easier.[/li][li]Show her purl stitch.[/li][li]Go over needles and yarn differences and such.[/li][li]How to fix minor problems.[/li][/ol]

I also am going to lend her my copy of Maran’s Knitting for Visual Learners, since she says she is a visual learner.

Do I have a game plan? What would you add? Omit? Other ideas?

I like your plan, especially when YOU will cast on for her!! When I’ve taught knitting classes it’s been MUCH easier for the students when we started with stitches already cast on (about 10).

After you teach the knit stitch have your student practice, practice , practice until she feels comfortable with the movements. Then you could move on to the purl stitch or casting on, whichever one she wants to go with.

Sounds like you’ve got a great plan!!

Sounds good! :thumbsup:

Thanks! I’ve never taught anyone knitting before. I’m a bit nervous!

Awesome, thanks!

One thing to remember though…everyone learns differently and at their own speed. Just be patient and you’ll do fine. :slight_smile:

That is quite true!

The lesson went great yesterday. I had to give myself a good crash course/review on Continental knitting, as that was more comfortable for her. I’m an English knitter, but use Continental for Fair Isle stuff. I guess I learned along with her. :slight_smile: