Need tips on connecting on circular needles without twisting

I am working on a fairly fine yarn - size 3 needles - casting on 276 stitches and cannot figure out how to keep it from twisting when I connect. Any help is appreciated.

I’ve not done it myself, but one recommendation I’ve seen here is to knit flat for a row or more before joining. When I have more than about 40 sts otn I intend to try it.

I am going to try that - thanks!

Yep, that’s what I’d suggest. Knit flat for a few rows rows, enough to be able to join easier. with fine yarn that may be 3 or 4 rows. Then lay it out flat on a floor or table with the working yarn coming from the needle on the right and straighten out the stitches. You may need to put something on one end or get help to hold the needle down. Then pick up the ends and join.