Need Tips for using Fringe Yarn

Little upset here. :frowning: My LYS told me the fringe tape-like yarn was easy to use and I shouldn’t have any problems. WRONG! I explaind I was a beginner and have only knit about 5 simple projects.

I spent way too much on the fringe yarn in hopes of making a nice shawl for my mom. Does anyone have any tips on knitting with fringe yarn? I would so appreciate anything. In particular, how do you see your stitches on the needle? They seem to blend together or, do you think I could be making them too tight? I am casting on 91 stitches on the long size 10 needles.

Also, I am having a terrible time with the fringe tape yarn curling. Should I worry about that, or does it fix itself?

Thanks so much!!!

Not sure what fringe yarn is… :thinking:

Hi. I’ve seen it but I’ve always heard it referred to as “for decorative purposes only”. I’ve seen people add it to an item also but never as a primary yarn for knitting.

I personally don’t think any of the “novelty” yarns (anything with eyelash hairs, bumps, pieces sticking out!) are good first beginning projects, since, like you’ve mentioned, its very difficult to see the stitches.

It is also difficult to see how you’ve been doing, to pick up dropped stitches, to un-knit, etc.

When I did my first project with this kind of yarn, a dropped stitch or any mistake like that meant (for me) starting over. I couldn’t use icnreases that had the needle going into an already made stitch a row below, because I just couldn’t see any of the stitches.

It is possible you are knitting tightly, its very common at the beginning, but with the type of yarn you have, I think that even if you were knitting at a looser tension, you still would not see the stitches.

I guess its for you to decide how well the project is going, or if you think you can make it.

If you can’t and want to save it when you are knitting without even thinking about it, and you want to knit up a quick project, try buying some really heavy regular yarn, which you can knit also on the 10 needles or larger. Your LYS, if you trust their advice :slight_smile: can probably point out an equivalent yarn for the pattern you are following.

I’m not quite sure about the curling part. I’m assuming you’re not talking about the fabric part of it. If you knit stockinette, your project in general wll curl, but if its the pieces of the yarn themselves thats curiling, maybe its part of the look?

I have used this and I know what you mean about the curling. The yarn “coils” right back to the ball. I would not do a project with this. I only used it for the odd row of decoration.

I have been knitting for many years and I think your LYS could have offered an alternative for you considering you are just starting out on what is a great pastime.

Rather than not use this yarn because it will have cost enough why not do a small throw using other yarn as well for your mum and use this eyelash yarn as decoration every few rows. It was what I used it for

I’m sure you will sort it out and don’t worry. :muah:


Thanks so much for the advice. I’ve decided that even though they have a “no return” policy that I am going to attempt to exchange the unopened skeins. I really think they lead me astray. They are known for being difficult, but I’m hoping they are understanding this time. Financially, I’ve got to try. Again, thanks so much for the support. I can’t begin to tell you how much it helped! :smiley:

I hope you let us know how you got on with the store. At the very worst they could offer you credit if they won’t take it back. Good luck.