Need tips for eliminating holes at thumb gusset

Hi. I’ve knitted a few pairs of fingerless mitts, all with thumb gussets, because I like they way they fit. My problem is the area where I pick up a few stitches after I place the stitches from the waste yarn onto my dpns. I can’t seem to avoid creating a few small holes. I end up “mending” the holes when I weave in the tail, but I’d like to be able to do it correctly in the first place. Any suggestions and tips are very welcome. Thanks!

I find that picking up stitches evenly is tricky, and the number the pattern tells you to pick up isn’t always the number that works best. If you are ending up with holes, you might try picking up a few extra stitches, keeping in mind of course that you will have to work them into your pattern as you go.

If you think the holes are being caused by the stitches being a bit loose, you could knit or purl into the back of the stitch. This will twist the stitch, but it shouldn’t be too noticeable, and it will tighten the stitch up.

Thanks Marria. I suspect that my problem lies with the first row that is done after the gusset stitches are placed on the waste yarn. Is this where I should twist a stitch?

Yes, if that’s where things loosen up, that’s where I’d try twisting the stitches.